About Us

About Us

Johnson & Hockley is a partnership with a shared passion for quality, old, collectable objects and artwork. We sell a wide range of high quality products, aiming to ensure that our customers are satisfied with each purchase. We are based in Leicestershire but are happy to post and share our products throughout the UK as well as globally.

Our Website

For your ease of finding the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, we have categorised our stock, so make sure you browse through them all. Our stock is updated regularly so make sure to check back in with us to see our new products.

We have a secure check out through PayPal. Receipts are emailed to not only help the environment, but also allow for gifts to be sent directly to the recipient.

Our Products

All items are authentic and undamaged (unless specified). There may be some signs of wear, patina or ageing  which is expected with products of this age. We aim to keep items as authentic and original as possible, so unless stated no restoration is done to the items. We do not sell reproduction antiques, collectables or artwork. Any prints of original artwork are specified. We try to show and demonstrate each items condition as true and best we can in the images.  If you have any further enquiries about any products then please contact our team at sales@johnsonandhockley.com and we will reply as soon as someone is available.


We have been to many places who brand items ‘vintage’, ‘antique’, ‘collectable’, ‘fine arts’ without any regard to the quality or age of the products. Here at Johnson & Hockley we aim to be clear and honest about the items you are purchasing. Here, items are categorised by these explanations:

Antique – In order to be an antique the item must be over 100 years old. This is for every item except furniture which has to be over 150 years old to be classified as an antique piece.

Vintage – If an item is vintage it has to have been made between 1920 and 1980. Anything past 1980 does not fall into our vintage category.

Collectables – Objects which are desirable and collectable for enjoyment, display or investment purposes. These usually include household names and are not restricted by age.

Fine Art – A visual piece of art, primarily drawings, paintings and sculptures which can be appreciated for their skill, beauty, innovative nature and intellectual concepts.

Keep In Touch

To keep up to date with the team and the latest products on offer, please follow us on our social media sites listed on our ‘Contact Us’ page, as well as sign up for our emails by creating an account with us (we will send no more than 1 promotional email a week).